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The D in Disney is for DECA: Anaheim Adventuring

In Spring of 2017, I was able to proceed from DECA States to compete at the international level in the Anaheim, California area.

DECA is a business education organization that has competitions in various categories. I competed in Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling, and that year that meant I was selling personally designed business trips.

The flight to California was packed with DECA kids from across the state excitedly awaiting competition and fun in Anaheim.

We spent time in Hollywood, at Disney, and in the area near our hotel (especially the fro-yo place). I unfortunately lost most photos of our time there when an external drive crashed, but I do still have a few!


We spent one afternoon touring this area and saw the Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, and a whole lot of street performers. It was a very fun walk to take.

Disneyland and California Adventure

Let's be clear here: I am not a ride warrior. Disney is right up my alley when it comes to rides, but there are still some I can't do. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the epitome of a perfect Alix ride. I had a lot of fun meeting new people as I waited in line with friends. While waiting for the Monsters Inc. ride I got to pin trade with someone from a different state, and then their family gifted us fast passes to Soarin' Over California- which we speedily made good use of.

I also enjoyed the light show (definitely a must see) and got over priced (but yummy) dill pickles and some good pasta from the Earl of Sandwich place. 

Little Me Bigger Me Comparison

Since I used to live in California, one of my favorite parts  of the whole trip was running around these parks trying to recreate photos of five year old me on rides, on carousels, and in front of signs. I was sad to see that the old California Adventure sign with the huge letters had been replaced because that made me unable to recreate the most iconic photo, but we still from got pictures on King Triton's Carousel and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Shout out to Disney for taking me on a stroll down Memory Lane.

Happy California Adventuring!

Pun totally intended.



Alix from Utah

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