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Sarah and Ryan - Spring 2021

It was so fun to travel up to Wyoming to take wedding and reception pictures for this wonderful couple!

We spent time up at the Star Valley, Wyoming Latter-day Saint temple, followed by a lovely reception at the Kodiak Mountain Resort.

It was pretty cold, so we tried to get family pictures done quickly. Even the younger cousins were really good about looking into the camera and smiling! It was awesome.

I will include a gallery below of a few of my favorites!

Weddings are so much fun! If you are getting married soon and want to make your day as stress free as possible, here are three wedding day photo tips:

  1. If there are poses or shots that you want, you can share them with your photographer ahead of time. You can always bring it up as you are taking photos the day of, but prep time makes it all the better. These two had a couple shots that they wanted to get and let me and the videographer know! Good communication can help make your dreams for your wedding photos a reality.

  2. Some of the poses may feel awkward, but they come out beautiful in camera. Think tall, tip the bouquet slightly toward the camera (so we can see the all the pretty flowers in it), and smile brightly (shouldn't be too hard if you're with the wedding party :) ).

  3. If you can, schedule your ceremony for a time that will have good light. For temple weddings, consider a time where you will get out in the late afternoon to start with photos, and with weddings that are not in the temple, look to start a little before then. The best is to avoid lots of harsh light. If there are a couple clouds in the sky, that is perfectly okay too! It softens out some of the light from the sun.

Happy happily ever after!



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