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Milford Memories Summer Festival

Every year in Mid-August, the small town of Milford, Michigan hosts a summer festival full of activities, food, shopping, and fun.

The festival features local (and not so local) vendors selling everything from wind chimes made of silverware to locally sourced salsa to artisan pepper grinders. It costs nothing to enter, and the walk down Main Street is an interesting one, with lots of places to stop by to taste samples, admire artwork, or support local causes.

If you are like me and not looking to spend a ton of money, be sure to check out the SHAC (community art center), the free climbing wall, the concerts in the park, and the human statue (usually wearing all sliver and in a prominent location) as well as sample salsa, fudge, cake, and whatever else you come across.

Highlights for those with kids include the craft tent in Central Park, prizes for spinning wheels at some tents, and using a real fire hose (this is for a small donation supporting the local fire department). One of my highlights this year was butterfly fries from the row of food vendors at the park.

The festival draws in a fairly local crowd but every year draws people from different areas of the state. If you live nearby, it is definitely worth a visit.

For more information, check out the festival's website.

Happy adventuring!



Alix from Utah


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