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Bougie on a Budget: New York City Weekend for $525

Flights, Lodging, Entertainment...


I found a roundtrip SLC- JFK Delta flight for $252 on after diligently babysitting the site for about a week. If I had purchased sooner, I could have had the tickets for $247. The downside is I am among the last to board the plane and have no choice as to which seat I get, the bright side is I found a $250 Delta flight!

There's no way of avoiding taking the AirTrain to Howard or Jamaica station to access the Subway system, and that costs $7.75 each way. Used the Subway and Uber to get around the rest of the time. It's $33 for a one week unlimited NYC Subway Pass. Handy. You can buy it ($1 for the card) in a Subway Kiosk. Learn more here.


Picked up an AirBnB in Harlem for about $80 a night, split costs with my travel buddy. Stayed three nights.


Not going to lie, I kept it pretty cheap. Granola bar breakfasts for the win, but you can get a slice of pizza at Sbarro's for decent (for New York) price. Going back in March for school, I was able to try a lot more places.



The MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) has $12 student tickets. $25 adult, $17 for seniors, and kids go free. The collection is massive, so you could easily make a day of pursuing its galleries. Buy tickets here.

The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) has $14 student tickets, and similar prices to the met for everyone else. Annual pass (for one person) is $65 but qualifies others in your group for $5 guest passes. If you're traveling in a big group, it might be worth it to take that route. (Price not included in total because I didn't go, but it's a great option!)

Get tickets here.

Statue of Liberty

Crown Tour was $22.25. You can see Ellis Island, the museum there (in the pedestal), and of course, the Lady herself. You can climb the stairs up to the top and walk out on the observation deck around her. Booking with Statue Cruises is the only way to get there, so check out their site for tickets.


We went to see Chicago as a gift, but you can get standing room only tickets as well by going to the box office the day of. You can get Broadway tickets for $30!

Top of the Rock

Enjoy the breathtaking view of New York at the top of the Rockefeller Center. Tickets run $38, with an additional charge to access the observation deck at sunset. If heights aren't your thing, consider the $25 tour through some the most significant spaces of this impressive skyscraper. Buy tickets for either (or both) here.

Times Square - FREE

It is fun to stop in stores there, especially the giant M&M store.

Central Park- FREE

Makes for a lovely walk, but you can rent a bike there as well if you'd rather zoom around at a faster pace.

Happy Travels!

COVID note: Remember we need to do our parts to stay safe and socially distanced; we can be careful of how our actions can influence the health of those around us! Might be best to hang on to this trip for a later date.

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