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Bonneville Salt Flats

Had the fun opportunity to shoot with some friends up at the Bonneville Salt Flats this past weekend. It was super cold, rather brown looking, and quite slushy. It started looking a little nicer as we drove farther out on the flats. We were greeted with strong winds and stronger wind chill when we got out of the car to check things out.

Pictured is my dear friend Decker and her husband! This shot was the result of planning out in the car, jumping out for a minute or two at a time, and repeating to get the shot we wanted. :)

If you plan to shoot at the Salt Flats:

  1. Check the weather!

  2. Pull off at the rest stop before Wendover.

  3. Consider visiting the Spiral Jetty!

  4. Plan out your trip to make it there for sunset. The colors are gorgeous.

  5. The Salt Flats and Cloudy skies make for a massive natural soft box. SO NICE!

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